About Us - Executive Summary

PharmaEngine, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company established in February 2003 with funding from TTY Biopharm and Taiwanese venture capital. PharmaEngine is a networked pharma company that operates according to a “No Research, Development Only (NRDO)” model. It is led by Dr. Grace Yeh and supported by a strong network of reputable advisors and consultants worldwide.

PharmaEngine focuses on the development of new drugs for the treatment of cancer and Asian-prevalent diseases. There are 3 projects in the pipeline. ONIVYDEâ(PEP02, MM-398, nal-IRI), a new formulation of an anti-cancer drug for the patients with gemcitabine-treated metastatic pancreatic cancer, was approved by both the US FDA and Taiwan FDA in 2015 and EMA in 2016. PEP503 (NBTXR3), a nanoparticle working as a radio-enhancer, is in a pivotal clinical study in soft tissue sarcoma in Europe and Asia-Pacific countries. PEP06, a new chemical entity (NCE) for cancer treatment, is currently in the lead optimization.

Ipsen S.A., a French company, completed the acquisition of ONIVYDEâ from Merrimack Pharmaceuticals, Inc. for the US market right in April 2017 and became the new license partner of PharmaEngine, Inc. PharmaEngine and Ipsen are now working closely to complete NDA for worldwide approval of ONIVYDEâ in the metastatic pancreatic cancer and also life cycle management of ONIVYDEâ in the clinical studies of other new indications. Meanwhile, PharmaEngine continuously puts the best efforts to move forward the clinical and pre-clinical developments of PEP503 (NBTXR3) and PEP06. Furthermore, PharmaEngine is actively seeking potential new projects to in-license for clinical development and further commercial development.